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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day Of Fun!

Well, what do you do with two little girls who have been cooked up in the house recovering from strep? You take them out, silly! The girls and I (along with the hubs, poor soul!) were about to go stir crazy, so we took the opportunity today to get out and about. We decided go do something special.

No, we didn't cast any spells or whip up any brews, but we did see plenty of "eyes of newts"! We visited the Mississippi Natural Science Museum's frog exhibit! The girls had so much fun learning more about those slimy amphibians. Me? Well, I just enjoyed seeing my girls enjoy a new learning adventure. That's enough to make any mother's heart happy. :o)

Isn't that just the cutest, most excited little face you've ever seen?!? That little girl was so happy about seeing the little green (and red, and brown, and BLUE!) critters she could hardly contain herself. And check out this toothless cutie's expression:
Ha! Love it! She honestly didn't know which way to go first, she was so excited! If you live in the Jackson area and haven't visited the natural science museum, you really hafta go. They have so much to see and do! Like trying to jump as far as a frog:

(Yes, that's me in a rare photo op, and I must think you're pretty special to let you see it!) When my youngest was just a wobbly toddler, we would bring her here and the hubs would make the turtles talk. She would walk off and then you'd hear "Mr. Charlie" the turtle holler for her to come back. She's always been such a sucker for it, and even though she pretty much knows better now, she still loves it! Here's a pic of Mr. Charlie. When you see him, tell him our wild bunch said hello!
So, what did YOU do to make the day special?

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