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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday For A Change

What are Thursdays good for, anyway? I mean, there they sit, sandwiched between the mundane existence of workdays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday's "bring on the party" celebration. Poor Thursday, though; it doesn't even get a cool nickname! At least it didn't until now!

Welcome to Thursdays For a Change! Since we all need something to look forward to on Thursday, I would like to begin a weekly challenge; using our creative efforts to benefit the world around us. For the very first Thursday challenge, I'm making Buckets For Change.

Grab a bucket, pail, jar, or whatever other container you have handy. I just happened to find some adorable bright, cheery buckets at Target in the Dollar Spot. Next, you'll wanna decorate your bucket. I'm gonna leave this one up to you because, #1- I wanna see your amazing craftiness, and #2- I'm still pretty new to this blog stuff, and didn't think to make step by step tutorial pictures; ha! I used simple black rub on transfers, but you may use fabrics, stickers, glitter - whatever you'd like! Here are some examples of the fabulousness:
You know you love that painted goodness!

The crisp black lettering makes this look soooo good!

This would be great if you're doing your bucket with your kids.

And this one? Well, you just can't look at it and be unhappy!

Scrappy happy!

And this is mine!

The sky's the limit when it comes to these! Once you've decorated, set your bucket in a place of prominence within your home, workplace or church. Each time you see it, empty your loose change in the bucket. Encourage others to do it, as well. When people ask what the bucket's for, you can tell them "This is how I'm changing the world"! Once you've completely filled your bucket, send the money to The Sparrow Fund, Show Hope, Holt International, or an adoptive family/foster home in your area. So, are you ready to make a difference?

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