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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Fun and a Little Life Lesson

With one child away, we decided to go have some fun. We did a little school shopping, some fish-watching (the baby loves aquariums!), and some general meandering. A great Saturday; lazily going about enjoying the day with our first-born.

Part of that fun involved going to a brand new Christian bookstore in our area.

Now there is something you need to understand. We love books in my house!

My husband is a pastor. Before surrendering to the call, he was a journalism major. Writing and reading is what he does - it's what he loves. I wrote several books while in grade school (What? You've never heard of them?!) and used to proof read youth members' school papers for them. My oldest will be in first grade this year, but reads on a third grade level. And she can't read books fast enough to satisfy her hunger. She reads to my youngest daily.

So you can understand how exciting it was for us to peruse the aisles of this grand bookstore, milling through all of the titles and looking for the perfect book. When all was said and done, we found ourselves having to put book after book back because there was just no way we could afford all of them! We walked out of the store with at least one book for all of us. As soon as my daughter got into the car she began to read her book. By the time we got to our next destination, she had finished it! As she put it down to look for another, she said, "Mama, I loved that book. And I didn't realize it was a true story! I just love how that lost baby found her mommy".


Oh, the joy that filled my heart when I realized that my baby had read about the miracle of adoption!

Has your child read it?

It's so cute, and good, and wonderful! It's written by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, founders of Show Hope and adoptive parents to three Asian princesses. And it's illustrated by Jim Chapman, who is Mary Beth's brother and whose family has also been blessed through adoption. You should pick it up today.
And if you are looking for a phenomenal read, look no further than Choosing to SEE", Mary Beth's chronicle of how God's path for them led to adoption, and the heartache of loosing their precious daughter, Maria. It is a tear-jerker, eye-opener for sure!

Although my daughter knows my heart for adoption, she does not yet fully understand it. Her book opened her eyes to the world of an orphan, and gave us an opportunity to talk openly about what we can do to change it. What a blessing! 

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